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Seed to Supper

Seed to Supper is a free 6-week beginning gardening course offered by Oregon Food Bank and community partners that gives adult gardeners the tools they need to grow a portion of their own food on a budget. Fill out this FORM if you would like to become a trained volunteer Seed to Supper facilitator and teach gardening classes in the community.

For more information about becoming a Seed to Supper volunteer, download an info packet HERE

Nutrition Education

Cooking Matters is a free 6-week beginning cooking and nutrition course offered by Oregon Food Bank and community partners that gives adult learners the chance to learn and practice skills including stretching their food dollar, preparing healthy meals with the food they have and like, and making healthy substitutions that work for their household. Fill out this FORM if you would like to become a trained volunteer Cooking Matters facilitator and teach nutrition classes in the community.

For more information about becoming a Cooking Matters volunteer, download an info packet HERE.

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Office opportunities are available during normal business hours, Monday-Friday from 8am-5pm. We ask for at least a 3 month commitment of 3 hours per week.
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I understand that volunteering at Oregon Food Bank may involve working in warehouse conditions including but not limited to: lifting, working around heavy moving equipment, and handling food products including products containing potential allergens. I am expected to follow safety rules and all other rules related to the warehouse. I hereby accept and assume full responsibility for any injury I might suffer while volunteering at Oregon Food Bank.

If I am a parent or guardian of a minor who volunteers for Oregon Food Bank, I release and forever discharge any and all rights, claims, and causes of action that I may have against the Oregon Food Bank Parties for any injury, loss or damage in any manner to the minor child, whether caused or contributed to, in whole or in part, by any act, omission, conduct or negligence of the Oregon Food Bank Parties. Oregon Food Bank also has permission to use my voice, name, likeness, photograph, or videotaped image in publicity about Oregon Food Bank and its activities.

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